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Small phalcon based website job

I have a small website app that needs to be developed using Phalcon, have posted this to Elance if anyone is interested.

You need to login to Elance first, in theory search jobs for Phalcon but that didn't work for me, so try this link instead.. https://bit.ly/12iP7qn

(I have another, slightly larger project that I am talking to the Phalcon team about first but might bring here..)

As an aside, if there are freelancers using Phalcon, it might help spread awareness of Phalcon if you mentioned this in your profiles on Elance or other B2B sites..

Thanks all



is still available the offer ?

Hello i'm a developer since 1.0 and have 5 years of experience , you can view my work and contact me in[ www.hudsonnicoletti.com](https:// www.hudsonnicoletti.com)