PHP 5.5 Support

Hey there!

Are there any plans for supporting the newly available PHP 5.5? How could someone help in this issue?

As I may quote: "We highly recommend you to use the latest version of PHP so as to take advantage of the full feature set of Phalcon." :)



Phalcon 1.2 already has support for PHP 5.5, just install from the 1.2.0 branch:

git clone
cd build
git checkout 1.2.0
sudo ./install

Cool, thank you for the information.


@Phalcon Can you please provide a windows dll for PHP 5.5 TS?

@Reza You can compile it on your own, but you need VisualStudio for that matter. On *nix it worked like a charm - but I am sure, after 1.2 final is out, we'll get the Windows .dll's.