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Loading Phalcon assets on controller action


I have a few JavaScript files that must only be loaded on a specific page, eg.

I dont want to load the commonJs files on the profile/edit page. Can this be done using assets? At the moment I have a collection that loads all my JavaScript files just before the </body> tag.

// Load this on the /index page

Is there a way to only load a specific collection on a route?

// Load this on the /profile/edit page

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Great! I think I solved my problem :)


class ProfileController extends ControllerBase
    public function editAction()
        $js = $this->assets->collection('myJs' );

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Just one last thing to add, all my JavaScript and CSS files are loaded in a index.phtml page. Just before the </body> tag. You wil need to outputJs all your collections - but only add the JS files on the controller action when needed.

<!-- Profile Page JavaScript files -->
<?php echo $this->assets->outputJs('profilePageJs'); ?>

Then in your controller actions add the JS files as per normal :

edited Feb '15

Tip: You can add a JS file to a view without creating a collection


And then just call outputJs() without parameters

echo $this->assets->outputJs();

This is good for adding single specific JS/CSS files to specific views.