Bootstrapping Phalcon into a Friendly Framework

I don't know how to start this kind of topic, even selecting the category. I would like to introduce my project to transform Phalcon Framework into a better or friendly framework.

So, I've been using Zend / Symfony and Laravel, and all I can say is that, Phalcon is the same as Zend/Symfony1 when it comes to modules/actions.

So, I planned to create a project ( to bootstrap all the needs we have.

I don't know if this is allowed or not, but the only thing I can say is that, I would like to improve Phalcon by providing this kind of tool.


  • Composer
  • Multi-Application, by default, has (frontend and backend) apps
  • So I call it 'frontend' for guest access or client access
  • 'backend' for admin access.
  • You can register your own app by creating a .php file inside the /public folder

To load a folder using Phalcon directory loader, update the composer 'include-path', and run composer dumpautoload and Slayer will load your directories.

Whats Up with my tool? I was trying to combine Symfony1 and Laravel4/L5 to create a better tool and ut seems Phalcon Framework could do that. I'm not asking developers to use my tool, but instead to help me enhance this tool, supporting this will help our community bigger.

Under Development:

  • Debugging mode for specific app
  • To Include Whoops! Debugger Tool
  • Enhanced modules based from the tutorials, such as migrations, models and etc.



I like the idea you use for bootstraping your apps. It's original. A Rewrite rule can be usefull

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ backend.php?_url=/admin/$1 [QSA,L]

Just a question: saying that I have a third App called cms. How would cms use admin app features (saying: auth, acl, sessions, tocken)

as long as it was written using phalcon itself will work, the only thing i am doing is to build a package, a tool that could link composers. While ill be adding my own vendor package to support the entire tool, to override those variable such as views Tag class which will turn into a Form class instead.