Seg Fault while trying to override some custom Resource access to Role with wildcard already defined.

Since Phalcon does not support wildcards for Roles, e.g:


We need to permit access to all roles severally

foreach($acl->getRoles() as $role){
   $acl->allow($role->getName(), "ErrorController","customErrorAction");

But if we have a Role with wildcard already defined, e.g:

$acl->deny("Blocked", "*", "*");

this call will sadly fault

$acl->allow("Blocked", "IndexController","accessDeniedAction"); //php5-fpm crash. Nginx return 502

Any suggestions why this is correct behavior since stable 1.1.0?


Can you try using Phalcon 1.2?

I need to make production release in a few weeks and beta looks risky :( Though, 1.1 makes the same as I can see. So, lets make life more interesting. Going for a 1.2 :-)