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What happened to our votes for including Phalcon in cPanel

I wrote a blog post regarding the missing votes from cPanel's feature request website.


For those that are unaware, we had over 180 votes and all of a sudden we ended up with 7. The blog post offers an explanation as to why.

If you see the sidebar you'll see 202 subscribers which is the real number of votes before they remove them.

But, consider the following scenario/example:

  • Millions of people drink Coca-Cola
  • Coca-Cola is distributed in stores/shops whose job is to sell its product to those whom consume this drink
  • Coca-Cola decided to open a section on their web page so consumers can suggest and vote for new products or improvements to existing ones
  • A significant number of consumers vote for an exciting new improvement in its product to become one of the most requested improvements
  • Coca-Cola arbitrarily removes the votes saying that people that should vote are the owners of stores not who actually drinks their products

Those who drink Coca-Cola now must go to shops and convince their shopkeeper about this exciting improvement and perform the task of voting for it. Some shopkeepers will not understand the reasons for using this feature then they will not give enough importance. Due to the complexity and the number of actions required to achieve the objective, the requested feature is never adopted by Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola could have simply accept the improvement for their product. Their real customers would be very happy for that. But they decided to offer a very complicated voting scheme, changing the rules at the last minute. An optional enhancement that could simply be taken into account or not by the stores that sell their products, it did not affect anyone, pleasing a large group of people.

So many questions come, why Coca-Cola wants to see everything so complicated at the last minute? Why does Coca-Cola use the shops as an excuse to turn down a feature that will make that both Coca-Cola and shops sell more? Why does a simple new option in their catalog is so bad?

It looks like they don't respect votes from their potential customers and don't want to make their product better. Phalcon is awesome and earlier than later it will be one and only winner in PHP frameworks market.

I fully agree with @doit76 In the meantime, you can take advantage of cheap vps, benefit phalcon consumes few resources

cPanel will be ashamed of their attitude, i am sure, so they could read about it here as a proof ot incompetence of their managers :).

Regarding the Spanish documentation I must say that it's also maintained by community members @odiel and @inzurrekt, fortunately I can review that documentation which is not the case of the russian/chinesse documentation where I must use Google Translator, but It's even hard for me to find errors there. The only official documentation is the one in English, translators could put personal interpretations or change the meaning of concepts, which is difficult to control at all.

However, I also defend the existence of these translations, in my personal case, I have given many talks in spanish speaking countries about Phalcon, while people like the idea behind the framework, most feel discouraged and disappointed not to find documentation they can understand more easily, worse if they have to ask and get help in English. This has reduced the adoption of this framework in these countries among other cultural reasons as @Nikolaos mentioned, here developers don't want to use or try new things if that doesn't make them look more cool or smart, etc.

I saw and read the blog post today, I was one of those who voted for the feature and I became very disappointed with the lack of profissionalism from CPanel team in this point. They have such an archaic vision of how to get opinions from customers (Andres' post explains it well). Really sad.

But this don't end like this. Host providers are business, and business talks the money language. If our community starts to ask for Phalcon support or the chance to implement it to their host providers eventually this will come to the staff and eventually to CPanel. This is not the fastest and best way, but what we can do now.

I think that the main focus by now would be do some marketing to the framework. With more people interested on Phalcon, more blog posts, etc. It will be more required and eventually hosts and business will give it more importance as the web community as a whole.