MongoDB or MemCached which do you prefer?

for Post and Feeds with pictures and txt over 50,000(updated and insert new regularly) which do you prefer? MongoDB or MemCached?


Memcached does not have persistent storage, it also consumes more memory because the whole resultset/data are kept in memory, you'll need enough memory to store the data in RAM, Is this what you need?


I think that Redis is the right choice.

Phalcon right - memcached it's like memory layer for the persistent storage. MongoDB it's more like persistent storage. Redis is both :)


@Phalcon oh i see, the server's memory is around 500MB only but can be upgraded.... i see Memcached is not a persistent storage... I think MongoDB is the choice for this...

@aavolkoff, our senior developers are ruling out Redis, i don't know why but I used it in my former projects.


napster, can you ask your senior developers why they ruling out Redis? It is really interesting for me, because, in my next project, I want to use it.

I use Redis everywhere and agree with aavolkoff, it is right choice. Did your senior developer used Redis in any project, what he said?

Redis is main choice nowadays. Look at this, Instagram use it extensively


They said they don't have time to study Redis, for our next project and they are familiar with MongoDB... Question can we count on Redis being a persistent storage?

Yes, behind Redis stands VMWare company ;) Redis support clustering too. I don't know what is problem with study redis it has simple interface and lots of possibility. Redis is faster than MongoDB 3x read, 2x write. Here is your alternatives

The bottom line is that you have to do your own research and weigh the pros and cons of each system. Memcached is really good because it is distributed but it doesn't have a persistent storage. Memory is cheap to buy on a box really. Redis is equally good and can I think if would suit your needs better.


napster, show them this: :)

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