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Relations between 2 namespace models.

Hi all,

Here is the problem:

Model A:

namespace Testing\Models;
class A extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Model
       public function initialize()
                $this->belongsTo("b_id", "B", "id");

Model B:

namespace Testing\Models;
class B extends \Phalcon\Mvc\Model
       public function initialize()
                $this->hasMany("id", "A", "b_id");

Controller A:

use Testing\Models\A;
use Testing\Models\B;
class AController extents ControllerBase
        public someAction()
              $a =  A::findFirst(1);
              echo $a->B->oneField;              

Screen print out: Model 'B' could not be loaded.

edited Oct '14

Never mind, solved the problem.

Changes made in model A:

$this->belongsTo("b_id", "Testing\Models\B", "id", array(
      "alias" => "B"

edited Apr '15

Hello, everyone

Is it possible to set up an alias here?

            'surveys_id', 'surveyquestions_id',