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[solved] Tutorial INVO: could not find driver

I did setup INVO under http://localhost/phalcon/invo. Login shows me "could not find driver". There are no errors in Apache Log nor any Debug Message ($debug = new \Phalcon\Debug(); $debug->listen();).

Seems to be difficult to trace down the problem. I guest it has to with DB Connection. What cann I do to debug the cause of problem?

OK, was previously checking MySql PDO with phpinfo(): Module Authors -> MySQL driver for PDO, George Schlossnagle, Wez Furlong, Ilia Alshanetsky, Johannes Schlueter. But MySql PDO wasn't compiled in PHP.

  • Now MySql PDO is compiled in PHP: PDO drivers -> sqlite, mysql.

Login still didn't work: "SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] No such file or directory"

  • Wrote this line to php.ini and restartet Apache: pdo_mysql.default_socket=/var/mysql/mysql.sock

It's working now, thanks!

One important question: I had now two heavy errors but there was no error message in apache log nor was an exception shown with debug. Is there something wrong on my system or is it normal behaviour?


It is not "normal" behavior. Double check your error logging settings.

Thanks I got it now:

  • once an exception catches an error nothing is written to Apache Log
  • for Debug Message to work ($debug = new \Phalcon\Debug(); $debug->listen();), remove any try / catch
  • public/index.php has a try / catch clause which echo's only the message ($e->getMessage())