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Does the Phalcon Site - - is written using Phalcon Framework?

Does the Phalcon Site - - is written using Phalcon Framework?

It's a very well designed website. And I has wondering how difficult is to created a website like this using a C extension Framework based.


Yes the site has been running with Phalcon since version 0.4.x.

Recently we have redesigned it thanks to @xboston to offer more information and a fresh look. You can always clone the repository and try it yourself

Note that the site itself is not written in C. It is PHP with html, javascript and CSS, things you would normally find on a website. The driving force behind the site i.e. Phalcon is written in C and its components are used by the site to offer the functionality needed.

PS: This forum is also developed in PHP using Phalcon

Wow! That's awesome! My team is looking for new frameworks to develop some modules for an e-commerce we work for. I think we have found the calculation freight module a framework! =D

Thank you very much for replying so fast.