Little bug in tagHtml() example


There is a little bug in the tagHtml() example here:

It says:

echo $this->tag->tagHtml("canvas", array("id" => "canvas1", "width" => "300", "class" => "cnvclass", false, true, true));

And should be:

echo $this->tag->tagHtml("canvas", array("id" => "canvas1", "width" => "300", "class" => "cnvclass"), false, true, true);

If you try to render it with the oryginal code, you won't get eol after the tag. That suggest that last three arguments shoul be outside 2nd argument's array.

yes it is typo in DOC

public static string tagHtml (string $tagName, [array $parameters], [boolean $selfClose], [boolean $onlyStart],[boolean $useEol])


My pleasure :)