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Update the Debian repo on fortrabit ?

The package php5-phalcon from https://debrepo.frbit.com/ is still in version 1.1

Would be nice to update it.


Hi, we aren't the maintainers of that repo on Fortrabbit, we can of course throw them an email and check if they have time to do that :)

You can try this PPA: https://launchpad.net/~sjinks/+archive/phalcon

Just use Ubuntu version that matches closely your Debian version.

Or, as a last resort, add that PPA (any version) and build the .deb from the source:

apt-get source php5-phalcon
apt-get build-dep php5-phalcon
cd php-phalcon-*
debuild -i -us -uc

And then install the resulting .deb with dpkg -i

The fortrabbit repo is now upgraded. Sorry for the delay. Before we upgrade extensions on our platform, we usually run/test them for 5-10 days in a testing infrastructure. From now on we'll upgrade the repo as soon as the extensions are installed in our testing and not only when we do the merge to production.

Thanks ulrich


Hey vladimir, are you keeping that PPA alive? We are considering using it for production. We can't find the PPA for the fortrabbit repo.

Yes, the PPA is alive and the latest version there is 1.2.2.

The particular PPA is currently "frozen" and we should not expect any updates to it until Vladimir comes back from his leave of absense.

I will talk to Fortrabbit to update their repo.

Just a note:

I got word from Vladimir that he has updated the ppa with 1.3.1. Hopefully it will build fine.


Thanks for update.

hey Vladimir, can you update the PPA to 1.3.2 ?