Form.render() don't render value attr for input in partial template

Hello guys. On the page i have 2 identical forms, but first form is for add action, second for edit action. Main template ("products/main") includes the first form and partial template('products/items') includes the second form. So i include partial template in the main like this: {{ partial('products/items') }}. A problem itself: in the first form value for inputs rendered normally via {{ form.render('example', ['value': 'myValue']) }}, but in the second form i got empty value. Also i setup my 'form' variable once in mainAction() ($this->view->form = new ProductForm();) WTF? Example:

<input type="text" name="example" value="myValue"> - first form

<input type="text" name="example" value=""> - second form

p.s. sorry for bad eng

Hi ! Did you checked that your entities you need to edit is correctly given to the form ? Because it seems to be an error coming from the entities ... If it's exactly the same forms you must have the same behaviour unless the parameter in the second form isn't working as you planned

Hope it will help