Mvc model fetch and return not origin data

I saved some serialize data in database, but when I want fetch data and unserialize them get false result! I tested in yii framework and all working fine, for example yii model return serialize string with length 3343, but in phalcon\mvc\model return string with 3334 length


As any other framework, Phalcon does use the serialize function provided by PHP:

I'm talking not about serialized or unserialized data, but about data that I save in mysql database in text column like serialized string, but when I get this data from database it has different length: yii framework model returns 3343 string length and unserialize function returns valid data, but phalcon model returns 3334 string length and unserialize function returns false, string has special chars and propably this is a problem.


Could you post a test to reproduce the problem?