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Storing an Array in a Phalcon Session

HI All,

How can I store an array value in a phalcon session and also update the array value when required? I am rewriting a legacy system and it uses a lot of $_SESSION vars all over the place.

This is an example array that is saved in the session :

$summary = array('name' => "Joe", age => 50);
$address1 = array('street_no' => 50, 'name' => "Atlantis");
$address2 = array('street_no' => 50, 'name' => "Atlantis Town");
// Normal session
$_SESSION['person']['summary'] = $summary;
$_SESSION['person']['summary']['address'] = $address;
// updating the normal sesison address
$_SESSION['person']['summary']['address'] = $addres2;

How would I then set and update the session details in Phalcon? I need to use the exact same structure.

I already use the following but how can I update the exsiting session data.

// Using the phalcon method.
$session->set('person', $person);
//now only update the address of the session


edited Feb '15

You can use the session like:

$session->person = ['name' => 'john', 'age' => 25];
$session->set('person', ['name' => 'john', 'age' => 25]);


echo $session->person['age'];

$session->person['age'] = 27;

//Array ( [name] => john [age] => 27 )