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Interview PhalconPHP Creator (Andres Gutierrez)

Hi Phalcon Community. I'm going to interview Andres Gutierrez the creator of Phalconphp. I want to get to know more about him, his vision of phalcon and what he sees as the future of the framework with v2, Zephir and the upcomming PHP 7.

At my company, we love Phalcon, we use it for most of our projects, but we know that it's still lacking awareness compared to other frameworks. So, in order to change that, we are going to launch phalcon.io, a place where we the comunity can actively share their knowlege via tutorials and video tutorials to help to take this framework to another level.

Our first step is to intreview the creator. So what I would like to ask the comunity now is for questions that you would like Andres to answer. Once I have the list of questions I'll send it to Andres and post the answers here at the forum and as our first release at phalcon.io.


So no questions from the comunity to Andres?


Mmm... maybe:

  1. Did you thinked, in the first ideas of the framework, to use Java instead of PHP?

  2. What would do you think of seeing a similar version of Phalcon for Java?
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  • What is his inspiration of making this framework ?
  • What is the next level or his plan for this framework ?
  • The difficulties to come up with this framework ?
  • The greatest weakness of this framework ?
  • And framework greatest achievement to the community ?
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If you haven't already sent the questions...

For those of us who don't know C, what is the best way to contribute?
What is it about subqueries that makes their implementation so difficult in PHQL?
How do you envision the future looking after 2.0 is released?


I still havent, waiting for some more questions

Great thanks!

I still havent, waiting for some more questions


What kind of functionality lacks ?

How long is the road to 2.0.0 ?


Thanks for the question, I'll be sending Andres the question this week.

Thanks again