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Update just one Model property


I've got a model for which I would only like to update one property. I have the unique identifier for the model so know I can simply load the model, make the change, then save it again like so:


$Bill = Bill::findFirst($bill_id);
$Bill->paid = TRUE;

However, it seems like a waste to have to do a query to load the model first. So I tried something like this:

// in Bill class, set $this->useDynamicUpdate(true)

$Bill = new Bill();
$Bill->id = $bill_id;
$Bill->paid = TRUE;

But it had the same effect.

Basically I don't care what the other properties are, I just want to do the equivalent of this query:

    `paid` = 1
    `id` = 10348

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Use PHQL for that.

$phql = "UPDATE Bill SET paid = ?0 WHERE id = ?1";
$this->modelsManager->executeQuery($phql, array(
    0 => 1,
    1 => 10348


$phql = "UPDATE Bill SET paid = 1 WHERE id = 10348";

@Phillipp - I know about useDynamicUpdate(), but that causes the model to only update those columns that have changed. Apparently though, if I create the model object like my second example, the model considers all columns to have been changed, and overwrites all columns - even the ones I don't set.

Yes, because a new (naked) instance is most likely treated like a new row in the table - only that you use it to update an existing row ;).

$broadcaster->skipAttributesOnUpdate(array('creator', 'created', 'modified', 'modifier'));

When I remove the 'modified' and 'modifier' fields, I get an update to 'null' whenever I call the update() function. The only way I found around it is fetching the object, or calling with phql..

Anyone managed to solve that already?

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I am using this solution:

Override the save() function

public function save($data = null, $whitelist = null) {
    if($data) {
        $this->skipAttributes(array_diff($this->getModelsMetaData()->getAttributes($this), array_keys($data)));
    parent::save($data, $whitelist);


$g = new Bill;
    'id' => '001',
    'paid' => true

Hope this helps

I'm using a similar approuch:

public function update($data = null, $whiteList = null): bool
        if($data) {
            $modelFields = $this->getModelsMetaData()->getAttributes($this);
            $this->skipAttributes(array_diff($modelFields, $data));
        return parent::update($data, $whiteList);

Then :

$bill = new Bill;
$bill->paid = true;
$result = $bill->update(['paid']);

The difference between @R3bm3v0N is we need to pass just fields to be will update and Phalcon will use the object value. Follow the MySql log result:

UPDATE `bill` SET `paid` = true WHERE `id` = 1