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Is it possible to install phalcon with this offer ?

Hello, i'm currently considering this offer to host a project using Phalcon.

Ssh access is provided, is this the only required thing to be able to install phalcon ?


That looks like a shared hosting with limitted ssh access. But maybe I am wrong. You will need to have a root ssh access. Better ask them before.

Why not buy a VPS? See this, for example in DigitalOcean plans start as low as $5


DigitalOcean is great $5/mo is a great deal.

If you really like OVH, they started offering VPS as well (even less money than the offer you posted above).

You will have to KNOW how to install stuff using sudo apt-get, etc. (DevOps) and if you want use Chef, Puppet, Ansible or something simpler like fabric (I have example code for fabric at

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My opinion:

Digital Ocean is great for testing technologies (NodeJs, Apache Nginx ...) as you can keep snapshots of your droplet (<=> VPS) and you are charged only the time your droplet is up. It also offers very nice tutorials (that you could apply to other offers).

But you have a better value with OVH for the same price, so I use it for on line websites.