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Documentation issues

Hi guys, I'm just wondering when documentation will be updated? ;) For example, I want to use Tag::submitButton (and I'm using it) but, according to API, there is public static string submitButton (array $parameters) which doesn't even explain what kind of parameters it should accept. On the other side, in examples we can see Tag::submitButton('Some_string") so the string passed is working properly too (which is not documented but appears across many examples). This is only one tag I'm using as example, but there are many the same.

Thanks for your great work!

You can read the latest docs for Phalcon\Tag here: https://api.phalcon.io/en/1.2.3/Phalcon/Tag

edited Dec '18

Hello, i just want to report that in the documentattion page relative to phalcon Vagrant box installation, the repository git published doesn't exists anymore: https://github.com/phalcon/box.git