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Connect Phalcon PHP to OrientDB

Hi Everyone,

I've searched for this a bit and couldn't find any obvious response, but how can I connect a Phalcon Application to an OrientDB database?

I'm guessing there is no built in way to do this, so thinking of using the official plug in (, but don't know how I should actually go about this. Do I need to register a new service in order to do so? or can I just extend an existing Model class?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


I wouLd create a service using the driver yo specify

Thanks, how would I go about creating a new service? Checked the docs but it wasn't all that clear.

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Let me know if this helps

$di->set('queue', function() use ($config) {
  $client = new PhpOrient( $config->phporient->host,  $config->phporient->port );
  $client->username = 'root';
  $client->password = 'root_pass';

  return $client;

Totally. Got it now, thank you for your reply