Phalcon 2.0 .dll's for Windows.

As it stands, the installation for Windows fails. I know there is a PR in order to address this but it hasn't been merged yet as far as I can tell. On top of this the Phalcon 2.0 install for Windows is written slightly in robot speech, which I'm sure makes 100% sense to the few, but for the new ones (like me) I don't even know where to start.

My request is either..

Release some .dll's, so we don't have to decipher the whole VS install/build malarky..


Update the 'Readme' to make a little more sense, and in the process actually make it work. As I mentioned before the Zephir build fails in it's current state.


P.s, keep up the good work :). I'm enjoying working/learning the 1.3 branch and I hope once my project is up and running I'll be able to use any income from it to help donate to the Phalcon/Zephir project but I'd much rather be learning and developing in 2.0 since it smells so close to ready.

Well I couldn't. I decided to install vagrant with Phalcon 2 VM This two VM are ok (Y)