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How do count the number of queries executed

Does Phalcon provide any means to count the number of queries that were run during the creation of a page?


I would look at the code here


They are doing what you want


use Phalcon\Events\Event,

class DbEventListener extends \Phalcon\Mvc\User\Component {

    public function beforeQuery(Event $event, Adapter $connection) {
        $this->dbProfiler->startProfile($connection->getSQLStatement(), $connection->getSQLVariables(), $connection->getSQLBindTypes());

    public function afterQuery(Event $event, Adapter $connection) {


# Attach EM to database adapter 

# Create a database profiler
$di['dbProfiler'] = new \Phalcon\Db\Profiler;

# Attach a listener to log each DB query
$di['eventsManager']->attach('db', new DbEventListener);

# Get total statements
$nQueries = $di['dbProfiler']->getNumberTotalStatements();

You can also get the queries as raw SQL, bind types etc

Thank guys!