MVC route with optional param problem with generating correct route


I have a problem with defiing a route with optional frangment on it. I saw that there's a possibility to use /:params but I would prefer not to. I would rather want to use a route with only pagination param defined as an optional like:


This sadly doesn't work as expected. It generates me withing a route while using Url helper question mart at the end:


Is there a possibility to do it using standard router, cause this would allow me to define a controller action like

public function myAction($page = 1) {}


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Just create the routes that way:


$router = new Phalcon\Mvc\Router(false);

$router->add("/:controller/:action[/]?([0-9]+)?", array(
    'controller' => 1,
    'action' => 2,
    'page' => 3

This will work for matching route, but will not generate it correctly. I'm getting at the end of address


Was searching for similar problem solving. Here my answer

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I had the same problem and that's how I solved it:


$method  = strtolower($this->di->getRequest()->getMethod());

$router = new \Phalcon\Mvc\Router(false);

$group = new \Phalcon\Mvc\Router\Group([
    'namespace' => 'Acme\Controller\Customer',


$group->addGet('/address', [
    'controller' => 'address',
    'action'     => $method,

$group->addGet('/address/{id:[a-z0-9]*}', [
    'controller' => 'address',
    'action'     => $method,

$group->addPost('/address', [
    'controller' => 'address',
    'action'     => $method,


$this->url->get(['for' => 'customer/address']);

genetates and

$this->url->get(['for' => 'customer/address', 'id' => '123']);



try this

$group->addGet('/address(/.*)*', [
    'controller' => 'address',
    'action'     => $method,
    'id' => 1