Compatibility of Phalcon 1.3 code on Phalcon v2

I am a Zend + Laravel developer. I am stepping in to Phalcon for my new start up project. I admire to see it maturity. While I started to code in Phalcon using the documentation on phalcon site, I figure out there is a new version (Version 2) is ready to come out soon and it is lot more matured. I am afraid If I started my codebase on 1.3 I will have to face an issue migrating to version 2. I decided to download Phalcon 2 current beta release, and installed. Fortunately my current set of code works fine with that. But when I tried to use the Developer tool, it fires the regular C error message 'Segmentaion fault (Core dump)'

I want to make sure..

  • Is application structure in Phalcon 2 would be same as Phalcon 1.3 ?

  • When will be the docuementation will be ready for use?

  • Are all features in Phalcon 1.3 compatible with Phalcon 2?

  • Any advice if I want to start with the version 2?

Can not wait until V 2 is released.

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Phalcon 2 is just a rewrite in Zephir to make it easier to further develop and being more readable to php developers. The documentation should be the same. There are some improvements I think, but doesn't affect the way you write your application.

If you start a new project, maybe is better to go with Phalcon 2 directly, even is just RC.

Make sure you get the latest version of DevTools and you should be good to go. Everything goes smooth so far, at least for me. I'm working on a project and seems to work fine on 1.3 and 2.0.

This question has already been answered quite a few times.

Great! Thanks for the reply. I will involving me part of this project.