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Micro Application or Standard Application

Hello friends :)

I am developing a website where perfomence is critical as acceptance criteria, this is why I go to Phalcon

my question is would the perfomence be better if I developed the whole website using Phalcon or it would be better if I used Phalcon as an API and used AngularJS in frontend?

I am free to choose whether it is a single page app or not but perfomence and speed is my target :)

Thank you in advance


We started building an app a couple of months ago using Phalcon 2 as an API and AngualJS 1.3 as the frontend web app. It's fast. Very fast. The whole team was pleasently surprised by the speed and performance. I'd recommend this approach purely on speed.


If you setup your server rightly then you can send more html fragments as static files without php handling, using directives in Angular. Like Polymer. And your views can be like

<section ng-controller="BookController">
    <table-book ng-show="BookTableShow"></table-book>

where search-form and table-book is Angular elements with logic and AJAX data communication from Api Then more data you can request from Api. When you disable view globally in your Api module, your module will be like micro application Phalcon. The last question is authorization.