Focus more on stability and performance

Hey there,

while I know that focusing on bugfixes and performance might not be as entertaining for a developer, I kindly urge the lead developer team to follow sjinks path and mostly work on bugfixes and performance optimization. I could very much use some of the things proposed by NFRs at github, but having to deal with (various) bugs is eating away more time than implementing the things I need myself.

Please don't understand this as criticism of your work, I very much enjoy using Phalcon and I see a bright future ahead for this project. Just keep calm and fix the bugs ;-).

Best, Philipp


We would love to have more collaboration from the community posting tests and contributing with unit-tests, sometimes reproduce a bug take us a lot of time due to the poor descriptions in the bug reports, I think, we all are involved in IT so this is not something we have to remark everyday to users.

We will try our best!

Just reminding that bug has not fixed. the source of the problem is clear and can be reproduced. Look forward to the patch :)

@phalcon I know it takes time, but do you think you could put together a more detailed guide as to how users could and should contribute to the quality control of Phalcon? I would not mind helping out here and there but I'd rather not simply "do something" unless I know it actually helps ;). I'm sure others feel the same way!

@Philipp I have posted an update on our road ahead. Basically you posted something that we have been discussing the last week.

In short, we will take a short hiatus from NFRs and concentrate on bugs, optimizations, documentation and unit tests.

The end result will be a more robust framework with a extremely rich test suite and documentation :) Addressing unit tests will remove any bugs that tend to reappear from version to version and allow us to test edge cases

You can read the blog post here:

Wow that was fast, Thank you @sjinks . I hope it can be merged into 1.2.1 branch as well :)