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Pagination adapters and cache

Hey guys. I'm buiding my first web app with phalcon (and in general) and I have a confusion on how to arrange pagination for not very small (~20000 rows >20 columns) database. I've tried both Model and Query builder adapters, seems like Query builder is significantly faster.

However I can't use resultSet directly from Query builder pagination e.g. to show all row details on click (if I load only few columns for pagination) or to sort results without exec additional query. Is it correct?

I have plan B to use cached result set with Model pagination adapter. Is it good practice?

What is the best way(if there is) to use cache In case of a) Model b)Query builder adapter?

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Allright If I'm doing caching via Apc cache and.

$QueryBuilder -> getQuery()-> cache(['key' => 'parts', 'lifetime' => 600])->execute();

While my query result rows count is about 5000 it seems to work, but don't give any significant perfomance boost. If I build query for all database records (no wheres) I get:

Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 75 bytes)

And keep getting this kind of messages until I allocate 512MBs which make no sence as all my database weights ~40MB.