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problem in multi modules

when i'm update core phalcon show me problem routing doesn't show anything, when i delete all rules from rounting show

Phalcon\Di\Exception: Service 'view' wasn't found in the dependency injection container

me apps folder looks that

  • apps
    • frontend
      • Module.php
    • beckend
      • Module.php
    • models
  • config
    • config.php
    • loader.php
    • modules.php
    • routes.php
    • services.php
  • public
    • index.php

more in this ip:

This probably means that a route was not matched and it can choose one module or another. You can fix this by setting a default module in your routes: https://github.com/phalcon/biko/blob/master/config/routes.php#L4-L8

show only white page in headers show error 500, when i set default routes