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Do you recomend using Phalcon for production?

Hello guys,

I found Phalcon recently and I like it a lot. I've been avoiding frameworks because I think they introduce too much overhead. Phalcon is exactly what PHP was missing in my opinion.

I'm about to start developing a new application and I'd like to know if you recommend using Phalcon in its present state in a production environment. It will be a choice that I'll have to stick with for the long run.

Thank you,



Hello Luiz,

The decision is ultimately yours.

However I have been using Phalcon on a production environment/project since version 0.5 and have not seen any issues with it. I am also currently working on a commercial application using Phalcon which uses REST, Volt (the template engine of Phalcon) and the Phalcon ORM. It is working nicely and it is fast as you said.

I have provided an answer here as to the advantages and disadvantages of using Phalcon or Yaf.

We hope that you will choose Phalcon and we always welcome comments and suggestions.



i am using phalcon create a site, blog,bbs,news, microblog etc