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Phalcon 1.3 documentation

Hi, as phalcon 2.0 has been released, documentation on your site is related to 2.0 framework. Where can I find the good old 1.3 documentation? thank you very much. Stefano

Found it, thought only by chance :-) phalcon 1.3 doc Please, don't remove it, I'm not able to upgrade to 2.0 at the moment. Even better if you link it in the main documentation page.

Thank you Stefano


if you know other languages, try to select it before. doc link points to 1.3 yet.

Thank you pasmanp! I've seen that behaviour :-)
Usefull workaround but... still a workaround. It would be nice to have the right link in homepage



Phalcon 1.3 and 2.0 are the same, you won't have problems using one or another

Oh really? So... what did you change? Just the core? I've been misleaded by the release, a new major one, in my mind, should be a great upgrade: core and api. Anyway, good to know it :-) Thanx a lot


P.S. Something has changed!!! The Oracle adapter has gave up working! (see Oracle problem ugrading to phalcon 2.0