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Phalcon 1.3.4 EOL?

There was a minor mention of it in the 2.0 announcement, but no specifics.

Is there a projected and/or official End of Life for v1.3.4?

Just need to know when to start lobbying for appropriate test environments for the changeover. =]

I do not know the official stance on 1.x, but generally with software, I would imagine now that 2 is released, 1.3 won't be getting any more revisions. I'm not aware of any EOL, there does not seem to be one mentioned; but there is a 1.3.5 release, which looks like it just adds unit-tests for more coverage.

Now is probably the best time to talk to your employer, to at least plan the changes needed for move-over within the next 18-months (should be plenty of time). It Would be awesome if you could find time to create a migration doc as well! Unfortunately I have only been playing with Phalcon for a short time so don't have much code to move anywhere, but into the framework, but it looks like a great opportunity, and I don't think 1.3.5 will be deprecated any time soon.