Multi-site structure

Hi everyone,

Although i am not new to phalcon, i know only scratched the surface. First time using Phalcon 2.0 and i need feedback because i need an infrastructure that will handle multiple and different webistes

so... the requirements are: 1) Nginx + Varnish + PHP-FPM + MongoDB + Mysql => done 2) One location that will handle all websites hosted on that server and that will feed the data and design 3) Multilingual (rtl too but this impacts phalcon very little) 4) ACL

so i know there are some demo applications already built ... what i am interested in is the feedback of people already using phalcon 2.0 that have a more holistic view for what i am bout to build ... like everything in life there is not perfect solution but i am sure some of you have some recommandation :) ...

So .. thanks for reading and for any input :) Rarutu