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Error "Could not open input file" when run "phalcon" command in cmd win7

Hi, I'm beginer. I have error: "Could not open input file" when run "phalcon" command in cmd win7.( while php is run ok)

  • Path install developer tools: C:\phalcon-tools
  • phalcon.bat edited:

    @echo off

    set PTOOLSPATH=C:\phalcon-tools

    php %PTOOLSPATH%phalcon.php %*

  • Config in Environment variables Path: C:\phalcon-tools Please help me because i followed carefully all steps in guide: https://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/reference/wintools.html but it not work.

Hello Did u find a solution? i have the same problem. thank you

Your path missing a backslash . The correct one C:\phalcon-tools\


Also make sure there are no quotes around the path.

set PTOOLSPATH=C:\phalcon-tools\