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ORM - Group by month


Is it possible to group records by month from specyfic column?

$reports = Reports::find(array( "group" => "MONTH(create_date)" ));


I've never tried it but I would expect just passing it as a string should work.

Reports::find("GROUP BY MONTH(create_date)");


The solution I've found for this type of queries is to select using a MySQL query alias with AS or refer to the model FQCN, PHQL has a weird behavior sometimes... here is how I do it:

$reports = $di['modelsManager']->createBuilder()
    ->from(['r' => Reports::class])

Or if you want to use Model::find():

$reports = Reports::find([
    'group' => 'MONTH('.Reports::class.'.created_at)'

If you are not using namespaced model classes is not needed to use Reports::class, simply Reports

Thanks, excelent solution!

I've found different. Using "columns" and format date but than we got array instead of objects. http://forum.phalcon.io/discussion/6313/query-builder-with-group-causes-error