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show same content in modal and plain


to simplify things, I would like to show the same content sometimes in a modal, sometimes in a normal page.

how could I do that?


sorry for my english..


I have an application that does this; shows the same content from a view but sometimes as an AJAX request or as a full page.

I have a 'default' template in my layouts folder that has all the page HTML markup for a full page and an 'ajax' template that just contains {{ content() }} and nothing else. I have a BaseController that all my other controllers inherit.


        use Phalcon\Mvc\Controller,

    class BaseController extends Controller {

        public function initialize() {
            } else {
            Tag::setTitle('My Default Title!');

        # Other code ...

Then in my other controllers that require the same behaviour I call this parent init.

       class DashboardController extends BaseController {

              public function initialize() {

              public function indexAction() {


This is not what is actually in my code as it's a bit long winded for me. If you would like more code elegance than this you could use a variable that controls the template used. At the top of my BaseController I have:

     class BaseController extends Controller {
       protected $_template;

        public function initialize() {
            $this->_template = ($this->request->isAjax() ? 'ajax' : 'default');


            Tag::setTitle('My Default Title');

The means I can inspect $this->_template within other controllers if need be.

I not did just as you did, but helped with new ideas

thank you