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Ubuntu 14.04 installation

I followed this article in installing phalcon in ubuntu but phalcon not being loaded when I checked phpinfo(). I even put this code somewhere else in my php.ini and restart my apache but sitll not loading.

Any help is much appriciated :)


Could you ruuning command below ?

php --re phalcon

Hi @Thien it says phalcon extension does not exist, I dont get it why is it that its not existing.

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Any error display ?. I have setup Phalcon on ubuntu 14.04 and It work ok, please don't add extension in php.ini, you tried add

Ubuntu/Debian: Add a file called 30-phalcon.ini in /etc/php5/conf.d/ with this content:

if you use the ppa, it should work by default

if you compile from source you must add in your 'php.ini' and '/etc/php5/conf.d/30-phalcon.ini'


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just run on ubuntu

sudo php5enmod phalcon

and it should be enough

thanks a lot guys 4 ur help :)

in download page thiers a procedure how to install phalcon in ubuntu

its working now thanks a lot 4 ur big big help guys :)