Phalcon 2.0.0 View Documentation wrong

In the Section Simple Rendering in the Section "Using Views" of the Phalcon 2.0.0 Documentation is this Code Example:


use Phalcon\Mvc\Controller;

class PostsController extends \Controller

    public function indexAction()
        //Render 'views-dir/index.phtml'
        echo $this->view->render('index');

        //Render 'views-dir/posts/show.phtml'
        echo $this->view->render('posts/show');

        //Render 'views-dir/index.phtml' passing variables
        echo $this->view->render('index', array('posts' => Posts::find()));

        //Render 'views-dir/posts/show.phtml' passing variables
        echo $this->view->render('posts/show', array('posts' => Posts::find()));


But thats wrong. I can't simply pass a string like in the first and second example.

This method Documentation looks like this:

     * Executes render process from dispatching data
     * <code>
     * //Shows recent posts view (app/views/posts/recent.phtml)
     * $view->start()->render('posts', 'recent')->finish();
     * </code>
     * @param string $controllerName 
     * @param string $actionName 
     * @param array $params 
     * @return \Phalcon\Mvc\View 
    public function render($controllerName, $actionName, $params = null) {}

So either the Method is wrong in Phalcon v2.0.0 or the Documentation is wrong and should be updated.

Which is wrong? The Documentation or is it a Bug in Phalcon v2.0.0?

The documentation is not wrong nor the framework, there are two view components Mvc\View and Mvc\View\Simple the first documentation you're showing belongs to Mvc\View\Simple and the second, the method signature to Mvc\View.