Web based GPS tracking with Phalcon

I have GPS devices that needs to be installed to keep track of the fleet.

I want to build a web based platform with Phalcon where I can monitor the position of the car installed with GPS.

Assuming the GPS device is already installed, How can I monitor the map location of my car, whether idle or running using a Phalcon?

Is there a Phalcon based fleet management platform or will this be the first?

Thanks in advance.



looks like an interesting project.

How do you receive gps positions from your fleet vehicles ?

Yes it is an interesting project. Am using a GPS device that has GPRS module thus receiving positions through GSM data and sms network :-).

To refine my question, I will assume the GPS device can be configured with an IP address. How can I listen for TCP connections, and store the data received in the Database using Ajax



I do not have any experience in that domain, but I assumme that first, you have to know wich protocol your mobile gps device will use to send data over the network.

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The approach you took is quite infantile. You must realize how this things can work together. Phalcon is "just" a framework built on top of PHP. PHP is as you already know - server side language, so it runs on server. Next, you have your GPS devices installed in vehicles, which send some data back via GPRS network. Here's the key - you must provide information where that data is being stored and in which format they are presented? I wil make (wrong) assumption here that such data is nicely formatted JSON string, and you can choose endpoint where they'll hit some server in order to be stored in a database. If you manage to make this proof of concept work, just then you can start to build back-edn API with Phalcon to consume that data. And then you build your application, nice looking front-end etc etc. In short - good luck if you haven't done such projects before. For insance, I did lots of crazy things with PHP, like reading low-level protocols from remote devices (micro controllers) etc.