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Access first item of array in volt

How do I access first item of an array in volt?

I have an array assign to Volt, it's an arrary contains objects, I know loop could do the job, but I wonder if I could access to first from array directly. I have tried with

{{ arrayList[0].id }}


{{ }}

both of them are not working



Could you diedup array in Volt

{{ dump(arrayList)}}

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Using {{ arrayList[0].id }} will produce ($arrayList[0])->id in the php code generated in volt - causing the error you saw.

This can be overcome by setting the first item in the array to a variable and then accessing it:

{% set firstItem = arrayList[0] %}
{{ firstItem->id }}

Not as elegant as you were trying, but gets around how volt is parsed.



  {{ arrayList[0]['id'] }} // translates to arrayList[0]['id']


  {{ arrayList.[0].id }} // translates to $arrayList[0]->id

try using the dump feature as suggested to see the output.

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Your arrays answer works for me, however it is not any use for an array of objects.

Your object solution does not, resulting in an error.

{{ arrayList.[0].id }} // translates to $arrayList->array(0)->id