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Phalcon API reference

Let me introduce you the application of Phalcon API reference https://phalcon.agent-j.ru/

This is not a release yet, consider it as a preview, so I will gladly accept your comments.

This application was developed using the Phalcon. Backend part is console app which parse the Phalcon C-sources to generate API docs.


  • generator uses PHP ReflectionClass, so its possible to generate API only for currently installed Phalcon version
  • there are no default values ​​for methods arguments
  • there are no properties descriptions 'cause they are absent in the sources


  • host the sources on GitHub
  • improve the parser to get rid of ReflectionClass
  • some more improve parser to get default values ​​for methods arguments
  • multilingual support
  • UPD: search for methods and properties

Whoaaa nice work Agent-J! It would be nice if the quick search also search the public methods& property classes. Or using the @ style like sublime Ctrl+P.For example if I typed "[email protected]" the quick search result should also display the getControllerName and setControllerName method, so that i can click and goes to the explanation of the getControllerName method directly. The method summary should have complete return type and also parameters description. is the =? in method parameter means it is optional?

Beautiful work!!!



"= ?" in method parameter means they are optional, but their default value not available for now in the docs. But the next version of ApiReference app will include this info


Give me please your opinion: Is there a need to display the data type for the properties and methods in the summary table? https://i.imm.io/1ef0W.png

You can see it here https://phalcon.agent-j.ru/en/1.2.1/Phalcon/Acl/Adapter/Memory#properties-summary

My vote is to display it - makes the documentation more thorough.

  • multilingual support Where the Russian language? :)

romanlex, do you really need russian? Keeping an API in English is a good practice, especially because it changes from time to time (usually when new version of phalcon released and new features added)

This website is outdated: https://api.phalcon.io/ also it does not seem to be listed anywhere


Thanks for pointing it out, updating it now

This website is outdated: https://api.phalcon.io/ also it does not seem to be listed anywhere


when update to 1.3.2?