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Looking to Hire a Freelance Phalcon Dev

Hello Phalcon Family, I am looking to hire a freelance Dev and can assist us with finishing the build of a Phalcon based application. We are looking for someone who has worked with the platform for more than one year. I would like to get someone started this week if possible. You will be working with our current developer on the project. The engagement will last approximately 3 weeks and could extend out for several months.

We are looking for full stack / jquery / Git


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@avking, Could posts the jobs here https://phalconjobs.com/, also if you like me, please contact me :)

phalconjobs.com has been down a long time posting a message about "maintenance" every time I've tried to access it... Any plans of fixing it?



I'm maintence it, currently I am busy will do it comming soon so what is your quesntions?

I'm looking for some Phalcon job openings, and searching around the web in different forums and job-listing sites. I also tried posting my resume in different places such as https://careers.stackoverflow.com/ultimater and craigslist. I've considered sites like elance and upwork, but I've been getting very poor reviews from friends regarding their experience on such sites and my web searches agree with them. I'm also discouraged regarding their reputation system and how long it can take to get established there versus its payouts against off-shore people on there. I see such high reputation offshore people on there charging so little. It's very discouraging seeing 25 pending applications on a job listing, from very high reputation people charging less than me, before I even read the job listing... Something just seems completely wrong with their approach to me and I dislike their way of conducting business rather than mine.

I would be interested in your phalconjobs site to see if there's anything worthwhile on there which might interest me. I'm so sick of software like wordpress, joomla, oscommerce and magento. I mean, sure, it's software like this which keeps PHP alive, but I see so many issues with such software, I want to build something better. Phalcon is a pleasure to work with and I'd like to help its popularity by building projects with it. But it's challenging to work on projects I want to work on if I'm forced to work on projects whose software I don't believe in when I need to earn an income. I don't want to build code in a software/frameworks I don't believe in. Phalcon is a framework I believe in. So I'm trying to find some opportunities out there where my coding skills can be put to a cause I believe in and get paid for it rather than just work for a cause I don't believe in such as wordpress or magento. In terms of a question for you, how long has it been down and when should I expect it to be back up so I can check its listings? Maybe I could assist you with it or avking if he still has a slot available? Btw, I can be reached at gmail by my username here if anyone is looking for a Phalcon coder. You can get a sense of my skills by reviewing my activity on stackoverflow.