Form input type Editor

How set form input type as "html editor" in phalcon?


You should create your own element. See and decorate them. Or a more simple idea: use a textArea form element with something like ckEditor (for ckeditor you can provide a textarea element id and it will automatically convert it to WYSIWYG editor. )


not clear,please give example


Method 1: Create your own element and decorate it:


use Phalcon\Forms\Element;

class HtmlTextAreaElement extends Element
    public function render($attributes=null)
        $html = '<your HTML code here>';
        return $html;

Method 2: Use ckeditor or something similar with TextareaElement:

    use \Phalcon\Forms\Element\TextArea;
    $textarea = new Texarea('my_field');

A Textarea element will produce this:

    <textarea name="my_field" id="my_field"></textarea>

In your template, using ckedior (!/guide/dev_installation-section-adding-ckeditor-to-your-page) :

       CKEDITOR.replace( 'my_field' );


how integrate CKEDITOR in phalcon?


You don't need to integrate it in PHALCON. You can integrate it in any HTML page with a textarea element. Please read their docs:!/guide/dev_installation