I have been using postgresql with their enterprisedb apachphp built in webserver, because I know it works and because I was having an issue installing postresql with xampp and making it work correctly. Now I can and did install phalcon on XAMPP no prob.

So my question is--Is there or will be a working dll for postresql's local web server so I can develop with it?

I tried using the similar approaches in the xampp and wampp documentations, a direct path, placing the DLL in different locations still never loads phalcon.dll in the phpinfo().

I did notice that postresql uses an MSVC10 (Visual C++ 2010) instead of the MSVC9 that works with XAMPP so curious if that's the issue.

and PHP Version 5.4.5 fyi

If any one has any ideas that would be great, I would really like to get this to work. I'm not so concerned getting it on my web-server yet I do not think Ill have as much of an issue, or Ill deal with it then.