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What is the correct way to set cookies from controller?

looking at the source code ,it must be something like this, but won't work.

$cook = new \Phalcon\Http\Response\Cookies();
$cook->set('testook', 'testvalue', time()+60*60*24, '/');

and going through the whole source from $app->handle(), at the end there is call

PHALCON_CALL_METHOD_NORETURN(response, "sendheaders");

and $response->sendHeaders() call's send() only if $response->_headers != null

and then in $response->send()

phalcon_read_property(&cookies, this_ptr, SL("_cookies"), PH_NOISY_CC);
if (Z_TYPE_P(cookies) != IS_NULL) {
    PHALCON_CALL_METHOD_NORETURN(cookies, "send");

so $response->_cookies is internally set from $cook->set(...) call, BUT


There is no send method in \Phalcon\Http\Response\Cookies :/ I've missed something?


Response\Cookies component still need some more work, it's simpler use the set_cookie function provided by PHP:

setcookie('testook', 'testvalue', time()+60*60*24, '/');


The cookies component is now ready to use in 1.1.0

edited Jul '14

@phalcon I'm using 1.2.0 and cookies expire time just don't get set:

$this->cookies->set('sample_cookie', 'sample_value', time() + 86400 * 7);

sets a session cookie.

However if I'm using:

setcookie('sample_cookie', 'sample_value', time() + 86400 * 7);

it works fine.

Tried Vokuro app and this issue persists there.