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Creating a Master-Detail screen


I would like to create a screen split in two parts with Invoice info on top and invoice item details in the bottom half. Any suggestions on how to do it and some code example would really help a lot. I have searched a lot but no examples to emulate. Should I use tabs like in INVO example - with first tab having master info and second tab having all its items. The INVO example is too simplistic - unable to use that. Will I need some Javascript also. I plan to use Phalcon Forms - is that ok? I am using a simple Bootstrap based theme like in Vokuro sample application.

I would like that as I scroll through master rows the detail portion will get refreshed with corresponding data and it should all be editable, i.e. I can go to Invoice number 5, modify its item details and save. I am open to any other ways to do it. Some real life example with code will help.

Thanks Amal

Hi guy ,

You can use angular for it .


Or jquery action with ajax