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Maybe a silly question, but I have not seen these in docs

Just checking out some alternatives to the Phalcon model binding library for edge cases like my apps search and listing functionality (which would be nearly impossible to move to Phalcon), and found something that has a pretty cool syntax for grouped where clauses https://github.com/usmanhalalit/pixie#grouped-where and subqueries https://github.com/usmanhalalit/pixie#sub-queries-and-nested-queries. Have I missed a large part of the docs, or is this something Phalcon would rather I used another project for if I require?

Hi Andres,

I'm having trouble working out if that is that a no, or a yes. The page you linked shows neither as examples, could you clarify this please?

I have read that page, as you'll notice it seems to force the MVC model pattern, which is fine, but it does not address either of my two query points, of sub-selects, and of grouped where. In-fact it seems to be just additional flat where statements, or are you suggesting that I can insert a grouped where statement into the query builder?

https://docs.phalcon.io/en/latest/api/Phalcon_Mvc_Model_Query_Builder.html seems to hint that I could group queries, I'll have a play and come back with some code