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Preventing duplicate assets

I set up my assets as shown in https://forum.phalcon.io/discussion/2426/load-assets-to-all-views which works great, unless I use $this->dispatcher->forward which results in the initialize being called on a second controller and adding the assets again. I thought just clearing the asset manager at the start of initialize() would work, but it does not have that functionality.

Is there a simple way to handle this? Or maybe a better location to set up my assets?

Another question along the same line: params set in the view also persist after a forward, $this->view->reset(); does not remove them.

edited Jun '15

"Forward" does not create a new request so objects already loaded in memory aren't reset. Maybe using a private property would help there:


class ControllerBase extends Controller

    private assetsSent = false;

    public function initialize()
        if (!$this->assetsSent) {
          //Javascripts in the header
              ->addJs('https://static.origos.hu/s/js/modules/jquery-1.11.0.min.js', false)
              ->addJs('https://static.origos.hu/s/js/modules/mustache.min.js', false)

          //Css in the header

              $this->assetsSent = true;