Nette Framework in benchmark

Hello! I am one of developers of Nette Framework. Thank you for including this framework to your Hello World Bechmark

Unfortunately framework is running in debug mode, which means that for each page request is generated Tracy profiler bar, 100× bigger than rest of page, server transmits about 50 MB more and framework seems to be very slow. Could I ask you for repeating test (patch is ready or removing Nette Framework from benchmark? It's hard to explain everyone why Nette is so slow.

Thanks very much and good luck with the Phalcon!

Hey David,

Thanks for the heads up.

We actually need to update the benchmark repo so that we can compare the latest versions of all frameworks vs. the latest of Phalcon. Once that is done we will update the page with the relevant results.

Once again thanks!

OK this has been merged. I should have the new benchmarks ready in a day or two.

Thank you Nikolaos, it's great!

I sent PR that delegates installation to Composer, so it automatically downloads the last version

What's about the benchmark ? I'm curious to see the differences !

edited May '14

What is the situation with updated benchmarks? I would really love to see the Nette vs. Phalcon comparison. Thnx

Hello friends here are simple step to install nette 2.4 on ubantu 16.04