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Have you ever got hired for working with Phalcon?

"One framework to rule them all." — Some random elf

Phalcon, throught the last years, has grown to a full grown up framework that clashes any other big player in the market. With many advantages, the biggest still being performance for me, Phalcon slowly put the distrust of "that C framework" in the past to become a tool that seduce more and more PHP devs.

And by dragging more attention, the community grew. Grew to the point there are probably some places actively relying into Phalcon as their main framework. So, with a bigger community, and jobs related to Phalcon starting to appear, here goes my questions.

Have you ever been contacted for some job related with Phalcon?

Have you already experiencied freelance offers or consulting requests?

Do you have some business/startup that is using Phalcon and are seeking for devs?

If so, please share your experiences here. :)

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Hey Yes on all 3

We are a small shop in the DR that loves working with PHP and our main framework of choice is phalcon ;) , what about you?



I'm working all project for company with Phalcon, also I have startup a project with it