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Deployment not working fine.

Hello, i got a little problem. Locally, i got the same config as on my server (Mysql, Phalcon, etc.) but when i upload my code to my server, some things work, some don't. It seems really random. See https://blog.kindlyfire.com/, all links work, EXCEPT https://blog.kindlyfire.com/login , i get a blanc page on the server, but locally:

A Screen

Yes, why ? I don't do any database modification in it. Here is the screenshot of the code : Another Screen

Did you checked the error.log? Seems to be an php fatal error

edited Jun '15

hi guys,

I think that it will show fatal error at $this->view->github .

github ?

Hi, GitHub isn't the problem because it works on the rest of the site.

I found out what was the problem, the submitAction function caused that error, but Phalcon didn't log it anywhere. So, here's my new code, everything works fine now ^_^ New code